Will Pine-Sol Kill Fleas? A User’s Guide

You may have wondered about the potential uses of everyday household cleaning products in your quest to repel and kill fleas. One question that often arises is, “Will Pine-Sol kill fleas?”

In this blog post, we explore this question and delve into what Pine-Sol is, its common uses, and whether or not it can effectively kill fleas.


What is Pine-Sol?

Pine-Sol is a popular household cleaning product known for its pine scent and powerful cleaning abilities. The primary active ingredient in the original Pine-Sol formula is pine oil – derived from the bark, needles, and cones of pine trees. However, the formulation of Pine-Sol may vary by country and product line.

Common Uses of Pine-Sol

Pine-Sol is commonly used for cleaning, deodorizing, and disinfecting various surfaces within the home. It is safe to use on hard non-porous surfaces such as countertops, sinks, tiles, floors, and garbage cans. 

Pine-Sol can also be used for tougher cleaning jobs such as grime and grease stains. It’s the go-to product for many people who want to ensure their living spaces are clean and smell fresh.


Will Pine-Sol Kill Fleas?

According to the manufacturer, Pine-Sol is not labeled as a pesticide and has not been tested for effectiveness against fleas. Pine-Sol is not guaranteed to completely eradicate fleas from your home just by applying it to various surfaces.

However, some anecdotal reports suggest that it may have some effect on fleas due to the presence of pine oil. Pine oil is known to have insecticidal properties and can be toxic to many insects. However, as Pine-Sol is not specifically formulated to kill fleas, its effectiveness may not be guaranteed.

Pine-Sol Will Kill Fleas Upon Direct Contact

Pine-Sol has been found to be effective in killing fleas upon direct contact. The alcohol it contains can kill fleas in any life stage—whether they’re eggs, larvae, cocoons, or adults—once they come into contact with the product while it’s still wet​. 


Does Pine-Sol Repel Fleas?

Pine-Sol does repel fleas from the surfaces it’s applied to, but only for a period of time. Due to the strong scent of pine oil and the other chemicals it contains, Pine-Sol will deter fleas from that area until its scent and residue dissipate. Even veterinarian clinics will use Pine-Sol to repel fleas.

However, the fleas will congregate to the areas of your home where you didn’t apply Pine-Sol, and come back after it dissipates.

Concentrated Chlorine has also been known to repel and kill fleas upon contact, as well as ozone machines.

How to Use Pine-Sol to Kill Fleas

While not officially recommended or guaranteed to be effective, if you choose to use Pine-Sol to attempt to control a flea infestation, here are some steps you might take:

Dilute Pine-Sol in Water: Mix Pine-Sol with water in a bucket according to the instructions on the product label. Never use Pine-Sol without diluting it as it can be harmful in its concentrated form.

Mop the Infested Area: Use a mop to apply the diluted Pine-Sol solution to your floors. Make sure to pay special attention to areas where your pets spend most of their time, as these are likely to be the places where fleas are most prevalent.

Let the Solution Dry: Allow the solution to dry completely. Wait to let pets or children into the area until it has dried.

Remember, this method is not a guaranteed or recommended method of flea control. If you’re dealing with a severe flea infestation, it’s always best to consult with a pest control professional or your veterinarian.


Safety Considerations When Using Pine-Sol to Kill Fleas

It is important to remember that Pine-Sol should not be used directly on pets. It contains ingredients that can be harmful or potentially toxic to pets, particularly when used in concentrated form. It’s always best to consult with a veterinarian before using any kind of product not specifically formulated for pets.



While Pine-Sol is a powerful cleaning agent that has some effects on fleas due to the presence of pine oil, it is not a guaranteed or recommended solution for flea control. Pine-Sol does however kill fleas upon direct contact. If you’re dealing with a flea infestation, it’s best to consult with a pest control professional like us – Yard Patrol Pros. Or your veterinarian for proven, safe, and effective methods of flea control. Safety should always be your top priority when trying to handle pests in your home. We also have a guide on if bed bug killer will kill fleas

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