Does Bed Bug Killer Kill Fleas? Spotting Effective Products

In this blog post, we’ll analyze if bed bug products and key pesticides work against fleas and point out clear differences between these two pests. Keep reading to learn if bed bug killer also kills fleas.

Differences Between Bed Bugs and Fleas

Bed bugs and fleas share some similarities, particularly in terms of nuisance—such as causing itching, discomfort, and in some cases, allergic reactions. But distinguishing between their feeding and habitat preferences is essential for effective eradication.

Let’s go over the main differences between bed bugs and fleas:


Bed Bugs: Exclusively feed on human blood, making humans their primary source of sustenance.

Fleas: Primarily feed on the blood of furry animals within your household, such as dogs and cats, but can also feed on humans.

Habitat and infestation sites

Bed Bugs: Infestations commonly occur in areas such as mattresses, upholstered furniture, and various hiding spots throughout the home, including cracks, crevices, and electrical outlets.

Fleas: Typically establish themselves on furry pets like dogs and cats, preferring areas with dense fur where they can easily hide and reproduce. Infestations may also spread to carpets, bedding, and furniture where pets rest.

Control and management

Bed Bugs: Controlling a bed bug infestation can be challenging and often requires a comprehensive approach involving thorough cleaning, vacuuming, heat treatment, and the use of insecticides.

Fleas: Flea control tends to be relatively easier than bed bug control due to the targeted nature of their host-dependent lifecycle. Effective flea control involves treating the affected animals and their living areas with appropriate flea control products.

Does Bed Bug Killer Kill Fleas?

Yes, some bed bug killers can kill fleas. Although different products are often formulated to target specific pests, some killers may have overlapping effectiveness against both pests. To ensure that your bed bug killer also works against fleas, check if it contains any of the following pesticides, which are effective for both bed bugs and fleas:

  • Pyrethroids (e.g., permethrin, deltamethrin)
  • Insect growth regulators (e.g., methoprene, pyriproxyfen)
  • Neonicotinoids (e.g., imidacloprid)
  • Desiccants (e.g., diatomaceous earth)
  • Biochemicals (e.g., essential oils)

Will Raid Bed Bug Spray Kill Fleas?

Yes, Raid Bed Bug Spray can kill fleas. This product contains pyrethrin and pyrethroids, which disrupt insect nerve sodium channels. However, while these pesticides are active against adult fleas, they do not affect immature stages. Therefore, Raid Bed Bug Spray may help control adult fleas but may not fully eliminate an infestation if immature fleas are present.


While bed bug killers are primarily aimed at bed bugs, some can eradicate fleas. However, homeowners who want to ensure comprehensive pest management should use products and services designed for the specific pest. With the right knowledge and tools, tackling bed bugs and fleas becomes achievable.

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