Barrier Treatments

Our mosquito control spray creates an invisible barrier around your outdoor spaces, keeping the fun in and the pests out.

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Fast, Effective Mosquito Control

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Fast, Effective Mosquito Control

Say goodbye to mosquitoes! Our barrier treatment begins working immediately, eliminating 85% of your mosquito population with just the first treatment and reaching 95% effectiveness by your third treatment.

Barrier Treatment Features + Benefits

Long-Lasting Protection

A single treatment protects your yard for up to 3 weeks.

Quick and Convenient

You can resume enjoying your outdoor spaces 30 minutes after treatment.

Safe for Everyone

Our EPA-regulated treatments are safe for people, pets, and wildlife.

How It Works 

Reclaim your outdoor spaces with instant, long-lasting mosquito control. Here’s how the treatment process works:

1. We'll call you

As soon as your local mosquito technician is available, we’ll reach out to you. You can always expect a call 24 hours in advance, along with a 30-minute call to let you know we are on our way.

2. Targeted treatment

A technician will survey your outdoor space, identifying mosquito hotspots and problem areas. They will then apply the treatment around the perimeter and in specific areas like bushes, tall grass, and shaded spots. The process typically takes 20-30 minutes, plus drying time.

3. Bye mosquitoes!

Your first treatment will start working immediately, protecting your yard for up to 21 days. We recommend scheduling treatments every three weeks to prevent new mosquitoes from hatching, so you can enjoy your yard without any uninvited guests.

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What Our Customers Say

Five stars
Robert P.

Saw a huge difference in my outdoor space within a week. Owner was very intentional to follow up on treatment.

Five stars
Jimmy P.

Very professional! I love sitting outside and not being bit by mosquitoes!

Barrier Treatment FAQs

We primarily apply the treatment to greenery around the perimeter of your outdoor space. We love our pollinators, so we’ll avoid treating any flowering plants. We will not apply treatment to outdoor furniture or home structures.

The spray adheres to foliage, creating a barrier that kills mosquitoes on contact.

Yes. Everything we use to treat your property is safe for people, pets, and wildlife. We just ask that you give our treatments 30 minutes to dry before playing outside. 

A single treatment lasts for up to 21 days. Continue regular treatments every three weeks to maintain effectiveness and keep the mosquitoes away all season long.

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