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Thank you for your interest in Yard Patrol Pros for outdoor pest control! We will contact you soon to find out more about your outdoor space and discuss next steps.

What Our Customers Say

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Robert P.

Saw a huge difference in my outdoor space within a week. Owner was very intentional to follow up on treatment.

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Jimmy P.

Very professional! I love sitting outside and not being bit by mosquitoes!


We treat outdoor spaces of all shapes and sizes, from lawns and backyards to restaurants and golf courses. Whether you’re a homeowner, a business owner, or planning a special event, Yard Patrol Pros can help ensure your outdoor space is bite-free.

Our traditional mosquito, flea, and tick control sprays adhere to foliage, killing pests on contact. Our natural treatments often include essential oils (like citronella, eucalyptus, cedar, or garlic oil), which work by repelling pests or creating an inhospitable environment for them.

Yes. Everything we use to treat your property is safe for people, pets, and wildlife. We just ask that you give our treatments 30 minutes to dry before playing outside.

We have different plans available to meet your budget. We base our price on the acre and the target pest. Rest assured, our pricing is affordable, and you’ll be spending more time outside in no time.