Pest Service Rebrands to Yard Patrol Pro

Formerly known as Mozzie Dome, Yard Patrol Pros has rebranded to offer a comprehensive range of outdoor pest control solutions, including barrier treatments, natural treatments, flea and tick control, and innovative mosquito control. Co-founder and President David Blue leads the company’s mission to provide effective pest solutions. Yard Patrol Pros prioritizes customer satisfaction and environmental health to create a comfortable outdoor experience without harsh chemicals.  

David Blue holds the position of dual brand president at HomeFront Brands, and he also serves as the president of Window Hero, a franchise specializing in exterior home and business cleaning. HomeFront Brands’ Chairman and CEO, Jeff Dudan, highlighted that the rebranding to Yard Patrol Pros aligns with the upcoming warmer weather, when more people are outdoors. Dudan emphasized the company’s commitment to safety, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, stating that Yard Patrol Pros offers various options prioritizing both family well-being and environmental health. 

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