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Do Mosquitoes Die After They Bite You? 

Do mosquitoes die after biting you?

Mosquitoes, the tiny buzzing nuisances that infiltrate our peaceful summer evenings, have long been the subject of several misconceptions. One of which is the question, “Do mosquitoes die after they bite you?” We’re going to answer this question and more pertaining to what happens after a mosquito bites you.   Mosquito Behavior as it Relates […]

Do Ticks Live In Trees? What You Should Know

do ticks live in trees?

Ticks are notorious for their disease-spreading tendencies and continue to be subjects of great concern due to the severe health risks they pose. One question that often arises in conversation is, “Do ticks live in trees?” As simple as it may seem, this query underlines the need for an in-depth understanding of tick behavior and […]

Nature’s Pest Control: Do Ladybugs Eat Ticks?

Do ladybugs eat ticks?

Ah, the infamous tick: known for their blood-sucking habits and disease transmission. The good news is, ticks are not without enemies in the wild. A variety of creatures feed on them despite their robust exoskeletons that deter many predators. Birds, amphibians, and certain reptiles are known to eat ticks. Smaller organisms, including certain types of […]

Hiking With Your Dog: How to Protect Against Ticks

How to keep ticks off dogs while hiking

There’s something tranquil about hiking through the wilderness with your trusty canine companion. The open skies, trees blowing in the wind, the fresh air— it’s an experience both you and your dog can enjoy together. But as serene as the great outdoors can be, they are not without their risks, one of the most common […]

How Long Can Ticks Live Without a Host?

how long can ticks live without a host

Ticks are small, blood-sucking arachnids found all over the world. Understanding the life span of ticks, their host-seeking behaviors, and their ability to survive without a host can help in utilizing effective control strategies.  In this article, we explore the types of ticks found in North America, their typical life spans, how long they remain […]