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Do Ozone Generators Kill Bugs? 

Do Ozone Generators Kill Bugs?

If you’ve been battling persistent pest infestations in your home, you’ve probably tried a variety of methods to get rid of these uninvited guests. And in your search for an effective solution, you may have come across the term “ozone generators” or “ozone machines” and found yourself wondering, do ozone generators kill bugs? In this […]

Do Fleas Carry Lyme Disease? 

Do Fleas Carry Lyme Disease?

Fleas are jumping parasitic insects that are ubiquitous across the globe. These creatures have tormented humans and animals alike for centuries with their bites – which can lead to severe itching and in some cases, more serious diseases.  The question then arises: do fleas carry Lyme disease? To answer this, we need to understand how […]

Will Chlorine Kill Fleas? Concentrated Chlorine & Chlorine Pools

Will Chlorine Kill Fleas?

Fleas are notoriously difficult to eliminate once they’ve established a presence in your home. A variety of methods are employed to kill these pests, and the use of chlorine is one that often comes up. But does it really work? Will chlorine kill fleas?  Let’s take a look at how chlorine impacts fleas:   Concentrated […]

Are Fleas Attracted to Certain Blood Types?

Are Fleas attracted to certain blood types?

Fleas are those tiny jumping insects that will plague your pets and your home. These pesky parasites are more than just a nuisance; they can transmit diseases and cause severe discomfort for their hosts – given they feed on blood. You may be wondering: “are fleas attracted to certain blood types?” This blog post explores […]

Will Pine-Sol Kill Fleas? A User’s Guide

Will Pine Sol Kill fleas?

You may have wondered about the potential uses of everyday household cleaning products in your quest to repel and kill fleas. One question that often arises is, “Will Pine-Sol kill fleas?” In this blog post, we explore this question and delve into what Pine-Sol is, its common uses, and whether or not it can effectively […]

Are Mosquitoes Attracted to Light? And How Different Lights Affect Them

Are mosquitoes attracted to light

As evening approaches and the air cools, the unwelcome hum of mosquitoes becomes all too apparent. Their behavior – specifically mosquitoes’ seeming attraction to light, often baffles many.  This article explores the question: “Are mosquitoes attracted to light?” We’ll uncover the science behind this phenomenon, investigate the type of lights mosquitoes find irresistible, and provide […]

Is Tea Tree Oil Good For Mosquito Bites?

Tea Tree Oil Mosquito Repellant

Ah, the long-awaited Summer is finally here, but so are the mosquitoes… Along with the arrival of these pesky insects come their unwelcome & itchy bites. Fortunately, Mother Nature has provided a potent antidote — tea tree oil!  In this blog post, we’ll delve into the world of tea tree oil, unravel its remarkable properties, […]

Does Chlorine Kill Mosquitoes? Chlorine Pools and Mosquito Control

Does chlorine kills mosquitoes

One of the common misconceptions concerning chlorine and mosquitoes is that the former instantly kills the latter. This oversimplified notion can lead homeowners to think their swimming pools are mosquito-free zones, yet they often find themselves fighting off these winged pests.  To clear up this misunderstanding, we’ll delve deep into the impact of chlorine on […]

Plants that Repel Mosquitoes in Florida

Plants that Repel Mosquitoes in Florida

Florida’s hot and humid climate provides the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. However, nature offers a solution to this problem: mosquito-repellant plants! There are certain plants proven to repel mosquitoes in Florida that have a hardiness worthy of such sunny environments.  We also have a great guide on plants that repel ticks and fleas. Why […]

Why Mosquitoes Like Water: What You Should Know

Why mosquitoes like water

Mosquitoes are the bane of human existence when it comes to itchy bites and transmitting deadly diseases. They are found all over North America and are a significant concern for public health.  One thing that makes mosquitoes particularly challenging to control is their affinity for water. In this article, we will explore why mosquitoes like […]